US Legal Poker Sites 2016

American Internet poker fans have been through the ringer in recent years, experiencing boom, bust, scandal, prohibition, and FBI seizures. At last, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel in the form of legal poker thanks to state-by-state regulation. So are online poker sites allowed in the US?

Despite the soap opera that has embroiled legal US poker sites, the answer to the popular question ‘is online poker legal in the USA?’ is a simple yes! The fact remains that in 2016 poker is totally legal on a federal level.

OK, when it comes to poker sites, legal options are hard to figure out. Some states may have specifically banned the playing of poker on the net, others are sitting on the fence with regards to regulation, and others have embraced fully legal US poker sites. But in the country as a whole, US players are free to enjoy the same great card games online as fellow players around the world at legal online poker sites.

So, as an online Texas Hold'em player in the United States, how can you find the top places to play at poker sites, legally of course, on the internet?

That’s where we come in.

We Hunt Out The Best Legal Poker Sites For The US In 2016:
  • Play legal online poker with thousands of American players
  • Get great deposit bonuses and earn real cash
  • Play safely and securely
The Changing Face Of USA Poker Regulation

After the first top US legal poker sites appeared on the web in the late 1990s, American card game and gambling fans flocked to online legal poker sites in the US and international poker rooms in droves.

Once the federal government moved to curb payment processing to online legal poker rooms in 2006, thanks to the introduction of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, many major rooms withdrew from the US altogether, leaving a group of sites to carry on regardless in the face of the new law. They didn’t bother themselves with the question is online poker legal in the US, they just did it anyway.

The Benefits Of Legal US Online Poker Sites 2016

The poker boom online in the United States saw hundreds of sites appear. Some legit, others crooked as hell. It’s fair to say a lot of real-money US web poker players got burned along the way.

Many of the infamous scandals that have dogged online poker legal sites in America are now a thing of the past, and arguably the US legal poker landscape is a much cleaner one in 2016 than it has ever been. What poker sites are legal in the US are ones that are fully reliable and enjoyed by thousands of people every day.

That’s why trusting legal poker sites open to American players is now easy as pie. Regulation of the online poker legal landscape is much clearer, especially if you live in one of the states opening up legislation for companies launch the legal poker sites US players want in 2016. Plus, the more trustworthy sites there are, the more likely it is that some kind of federal law will be introduced eventually.

Play At Top USA Online Poker Rooms Anytime, Anywhere

Even if you live in a US state that allows you to play non-online poker real money legal games, you may live miles from your nearest cardroom. And let’s face it, that trip to Las Vegas for the WSOP isn’t going to happen too many times in your life.

That's why enjoying great online legal poker is so appealing to American online players after waiting so long for legal online poker sites to become available. All you have to do is log in to your favorite gambling website on your laptop or desktop computer, and play a few real-money MTTs or cash game hands.

You can even play on your cell phone or tablet anywhere with a decent Internet connection with one of the burgeoning mobile legal US poker sites 2016.

The Rebirth Of Legal Gambling In The US

After UIGEA and the raids of Black Friday in 2011, when the Department of Justice indicted the heads of three of the biggest poker rooms operating in the US for money-laundering, and seized player funds, it’s fair to say that online legal poker had reached a nadir in the United States. Online legal poker sites seemed a long way off that day.

But in 2016, things are definitely looking up.

American players who had funds on one of the largest poker sites (Full Tilt) are now in the process of getting those funds back, while the largest site in the world (PokerStars) has reimbursed US players who played on their site post-UIGEA. It’s good to know that once the DOJ put their foot down and emphatically answered ‘no’ to the theoretical question of ‘is online poker legal in the USA?’, at least US players are getting their money back.

What that prohibitive law did was pave the way for legal online poker in America. In 2016, three US states (Delaware, New Jersey and Nevada) have passed new laws allowing Internet gambling and legal US poker sites to operate within their state borders.

Things are moving slowly, but in 2016 if you are a resident of one of those three states, you can enjoy online poker real money legal cash games and tourneys against fellow residents on US legal poker sites.

Multi Platform Poker

The mobile revolution has rearranged the way we live, from how we consume media to the way we interact with one another. It's also changed the way we play legal poker online. Today, legal poker sites USA players love offer games across multiple platforms and we've never had it so good! Want to play a tourney on your mobile phone or do some multi-tabling on your Mac? Look no further, the full on mobile legal poker site revolution is already here!

Where Else Could We See Legal Poker US Sites?

Other states in the union are weighing up whether to join the pioneers in offering their citizens online poker legal sites, but for now everyone is very much operating a wait-and-see policy.

As of September 2016, it looks as though states with land-based cardrooms and casinos, like Massachusetts, which introduced live casinos recently, and California, could be next in regulating legal poker sites in the US for people who live there.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania has upped the ante (pardon the Texas Hold’em parlance) with some big legal land-based casino projects of its own, and many expect the Keystone State to move on with online poker real money legal sites soon.

Legal US Poker Map
Are the Best Legal Poker Sites Moving Into the US?

After UIGEA, some of the world’s biggest online legal poker sites packed their bags and got the hell out of Dodge, preferring to err on the side of caution and stop taking US customers.

But with the law now changed in states like Nevada and New Jersey, many of those firms are now returning to a legal online poker market. In 2016, we are seeing some legal poker sites in the US that continued accepting US dollars all those years (such as PokerStars) now frozen out of the US market for the time being, while companies like PartyPoker are being given licenses to operate legal online poker sites in the States.

What we are seeing is these online poker legal sites partnering up with top land-based casino chains to offer residents of the US legal poker sites, and those alliances should continue in 2016.

What Can I Expect From US Legal Poker Rooms Online?

Whether you’re playing at one of the new regulated legal poker sites in the US in NJ, NV or Delaware, or one of the many reputable sites still operating on a countrywide level, it’s essential to find top US legal sites that give American players the best experience possible.

That means a wide range of banking methods, fast cash-outs, big player pools so you’re not waiting around for a table to fill, as well as prizepools that are nice and fat and generous welcome bonuses when you sign up on legal poker sites in the USA.

While there are plenty of good, online poker legal sites in 2016 that offer all of the above, there are also plenty of sites out there that don’t have many players and offer lousy guarantees and bonuses when you join. And as many rooms still have to go through hoops to process US payments even though legal online poker exists., If you join the wrong room online you could be waiting months for your money.


We only recommend sites that are fast and painless, with multiple payment options.


We only consider sites with cutting-edge software from the best developers in the industry. Good gameplay is a top priority at online legal poker sites.


Lots of traffic means a greater variation of games and stakes, as well as shorter waiting lists for big real money games and tournaments.


Different parts of the world favor different payment methods, so a legal poker site in the USA should have lots of options, from credit and debit cards to e-Wallets.


We like sites that offer every game you want to play and every stake level you can imagine.


It goes without saying you need to feel safe when you play. We only recommend legal poker sites that have the best technology to safeguard players.


We want well-trained staff available around the clock to solve problems quickly and efficiently. Multiple language options are a must.


Most sites offer frequent player points which can be redeemed for merchandise and buy-ins. Only the best make the cut.


You can't beat the chance to win big for no stake. We recommend sites that bring you the best freerolls with the top prize pools.

How We Rate American Online Legal Poker Sites

That’s where we come in: at we are a top team of US online poker players who have been there, done that. We are on top of the best online legal poker sites in the USA operating in 2016 and we go out of our way to recommend only the very best to you.

Our team of experts has been playing online poker in the USA since those early days, and we are totally committed to hunting out the best – and weeding out the worst – of legal poker USA rooms in 2016.

We compare and test dozens of American online poker legal sites, depositing our own hard-earned dollars, and then compile ratings and comparisons based on the room’s banking times, the range of their games, how good their customer support is, and whether that welcome bonus is really as hot as it looks.

We Hunt Out the Top American Legal Poker Rooms

On these pages you will get the lowdown on great legal poker USA rooms today, plus you can find out how to enjoy playing on your mobile phone, why new sites can be good for your bankroll, and what’s going on right there in your state.

Sign up with one of our top recommended legal USA poker sites today!

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