About Us

About us - laptop and fish

Picking the best legal poker sites can be like picking a needle from a haystack. It's time-consuming, frustrating, and even when you choose one it might not make the grade.

That's why LegalPoker.com does what it does: we are on a mission to find the very best legal poker rooms for US players like you.

From the top sites in new jurisdictions like New Jersey and Nevada to licensed rooms located offshore and available to Americans countrywide, we carefully tread the digital minefields to make your journey as safe as possible.

So, where do we come from, and how do we ensure only the safest, fairest sites of all make it to our pages?

Who We Are

Our team is made up of former and existing poker pros who cut their teeth in the first online cash games and tournaments. We've played in live events from California to Atlantic City and everywhere in between, and we've played (and won and lost) at countless tables on the net.

We've won million-dollar tournaments online, we've been stung by disreputable US sites, and we lost money after the raids of Black Friday. We were even at the forefront of the campaign to get our cash back when the big rooms got shut down.

Now our site writers live across the US in newly-regulated states like New Jersey and Nevada, and in up-and-coming poker havens like California and Pennsylvania.

How We Rate Poker Sites

From player traffic and game variations to welcome bonuses and cash-outs, we judge a site by more than just its cover. Every facet of a poker site is tested to make sure it's roadworthy, and we regularly revisit rooms to see if they're keeping up with the repairs.

LegalPoker's Review Criteria
About Us - Security and Licensing

1 Security and Licensing

A legal poker site is only as good as its license, and a poor license can mean cash-outs aren't enforced, funds aren't segregated, and auditing isn't properly carried out.

We test all our poker rooms for proper licensing and check that they carry the latest security protocols to ensure your money and personal details are safe.

2 Deposit Methods and Cash-Out Times

Even in this post-UIGEA world, real-cash deposits for US players can be a pain in the butt, even in regulated states like New Jersey.

As well as reviewing sites' range of deposit methods to ensure you have as wide a choice as possible, we make sure our featured rooms have reliable cash-out times and a good record on dealing with delays.

3 Bonuses and Loyalty Schemes

With so much competition online, poker sites are falling over themselves to offer new players juicy sign-up bonuses.

But do they really cut it? Not all deposit bonuses are created equal, and they can be notoriously hard to activate if you can't find enough poker action to earn enough points.

We test out the sites' bonuses and compare them to the player traffic. If you're struggling to find a full-ring cash game when you have two days left to complete a bonus, we'll mark a site down.

4 Customer Support

If something goes wrong, you want to be sure you can get through to someone quickly who will help. Suspect collusion? Waiting a month for cash? Bonus not triggering? If the customer support isn't doing its job, we'll mention it in our reviews.

5 Games and Traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of a legal poker site, and while a reliable poker room is great, it's not much good if you have no-one to play against.

Good traffic is essential for improving your long-term ROI (Return on Investment) and ensuring you trigger bonuses and loyalty programs. We check traffic regularly on all our US-facing legal sites so you know where to go to find a game any time of the day or night.

Why We Do What We Do
About Us - Why we do what we do

We're on a mission, a mission to find you the best legal sites to play poker at. We're like you, poker players fed up with years of scams, raids and lies.

That's we want to become the strictest poker review site around, making sure you find the best legal poker sites in the US.

Whether you're playing on the new legal sites in jurisdictions like New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware, or rely on playing at offshore sites from your home somewhere else in the US, we have a review for you.

And we want you to get involved too. If you know of a legal site that's not delivering on payouts, traffic or customer support, we want to hear from you. You can get in touch at . Together we can build up the best comparison site for legal US sites around.