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E-check Legal US Poker Online

Even though some US states are beginning to regulate legal online poker within their borders, some banks are still jittery about processing credit card payments. If your bank is one of them, check out poker sites e-check deposits as an option.

e-check deposits are so favorable to US poker players online. e-checks use the ACH (Automated Clearing House) option which is a great, easy way of transferring real-money poker funds to and from your US online account.

This form of deposit is gradually becoming the banking method of choice for many US players, but as always, poker rooms operating in the USA can vary wildly in quality. That's why we at LegalPoker.com choose only the best online poker e-check websites:

  • Top real-money US sites accepting e-checks
  • The biggest player pools and range of games
  • The best welcome bonus offers in town
How Do Poker Sites e-Check Payments Work?

e-checks are a safe ACH transfer which allows you to load up your poker account online - and withdraw the money quickly and with minimal hassle - think of them like regular paper checks, but without all the ink and pain of posting them in the mail.

To use the poker sites e-check button for making poker real-cash deposits, first log in to your legit US site, then head for the “Cashier” tab, and choose the “Instant e-checks” option.

You will need to enter the details from your bank statement to make an online poker e-check deposit. This includes: your bank account number plus the bank's 9-digit ABA/Routing Number. (And, of course, don't forget to enter the great welcome bonus code you got exclusively from us at LegalPoker.com.)

All that's left is to wait a few seconds for the funds to appear and you are free to start crushing those cash tables online.

What Are the Advantages of e-checks?

Mostly, these deposits are instant. Limits, however, are decided by the ACH provider, so make sure you know what you can deposit and withdraw at any one time. For example, $2000 at a time is standard, and that can sometimes pale in comparison to what you can deposit via credit card.

Generally, there are little or no fees associated with processing e-checks. Some legit poker rooms in the United States use different e-checks and some carry around a 1 percent fee on withdrawals, so again, do your homework first.

Making e-check Withdrawals in America

Making withdrawals via poker sites e-check cashouts is a distinct advantage of using this service, but it's worth noting that receiving your winnings can take up to a week - or longer.

In the newly regulated states like New Jersey, you can even deposit via an e-check and withdraw at your favorite site's land-based casino partner - if one exists.

Finally, some legal sites in America let you have hard checks sent to you by US mail. These can take days or weeks to process, and the time should be factored into your gambling schedule.

How Safe Are e-checks?

When it comes to playing at poker sites e-checks are totally safe as they are processed online and use the same secure 128-bit encryption banks use on their credit cards.

That is another reason why e-checks are being adopted by many serious US poker players. It's quick; it's easy; it's safe: just one less thing to worry about in the turbulent online poker world in America. It's nice to be able to count on online poker e-check deposits for safety and security.

Find Top e-check US Poker Rooms

There are plenty of great sites in the USA that allow you to play legally using this deposit and withdrawal method to load up and cash out your real-money accounts.

But how do you know the good rooms from the duffers?

That's where LegalPoker.com comes in. We sift through the web detritus to uncover great legal rooms with great games, easy deposits in US currency, lots of fishy players so you can build up the bankroll, and top customer support in case of any problems.

Our experts compare and test a whole range of online poker e-check-friendly websites to pick the very best. So choose one of our links today and open a real-cash account.

Frequently asked questions

Credit Card companies may not always approve your practice of legal poker gaming fun. Sometimes they are difficult to obtain clearance due to hesitant banks. Luckily, E-Check deposits are a smart option for you. If you’re unaware of the possibilities in alternative deposit methods, look no further. Real-money poker funds are still feasible through E-Check, which may be a method you choose as an online poker player.

Who is E-Check?

E-check is an alternative deposit system for players. This is a quick and easy method to manage your poker account online, especially since some banks are still hesitant to process credit card payments.

How does it work?

Similar to the standard paper check you’re used to seeing; E-Checks are automatically deposited into your US account through a trusted system known as the Automated Clearing House transfer. This delivers real- money poker funds into your account safely and securely. All you do is fill out your bank statement details after following three easy steps and you’re ready to begin playing.

What poker sites accept E-Checks?

Accepting E-Checks are top trusted sites such as Full Flush Poker, BET Online Poker, Carbon Poker, Sport Betting, and Sportsbook.com

Is it a safe payment option?

This routine is safe, quick, and easy. Processing E-Checks online are secure under the top encryption system that banks use for their credit card protection.

Can they be trusted?

E-Checks are a trustworthy payment method due to the dedicated research team at LegalPoker.com. They have found the best hosting legal game rooms that deposit US currency and are E-Poker welcoming. Their top sites are also high in customer support, which makes your experience one less problem.

How do I transfer my winnings?

Depending on your transfer preference, some sites send hard checks by mail, which is more time consuming. The easiest method is to transfer your earnings through the Automated Clearing House (ACH), which puts your real-money poker funds directly into your US online account. You simply have to ensure your bank statement details are correctly filled out under the E-checks option, which is conveniently located below the Cashier tab.

What fees are involved?

Typically, there are little to no charges in E-Check processing. It helps to check with the site first because some US poker rooms use various types of E-Checks. Those specific sites usually slap a 1 percent fee on your withdrawal.