Best Legal USA Credit Card Sites

Legal US Credit Card Poker Rooms

If you thought US credit cards could just be used at over 25 million outlets and websites for clothes, food and travel, think again: in 2024, poker sites credit cards are taking over as the choice of online poker players.

Credit cards are great for making US online poker site deposits because they are quick, more widely available, and totally safe. And in some cases, the fees are pretty low, too.

Trawling through dozens of online poker credit cards options is a bind, however. That's why at, we find the best real-money gaming websites for USA online Texas Hold'em players:

  • Make real-money deposits online anywhere
  • Enjoy cashback deals and top offers
  • Play for US cash and earn a great bonus
Using a US Credit Card to Play Poker

When you're ready to fund your favorite poker sites, credit cards will quickly become your new favorite method. That's because making a real-money deposit on the net couldn't be easier - once you've applied and received your USA credit card, hit the “Cashier” button at any of the top sites we recommend here at, and select from the credit card options.

Loading up funds using online poker credit cards payments is as easy as entering the long number plus the CVV2 code on the back of the card, together with a few personal details. Your US currency funds should appear within a couple of hours.

It's worth noting that withdrawals at poker sites credit card withdrawals can be difficult in the current climate - even in states where a new law regarding poker has been passed - so make sure you have alternative accounts to withdraw winnings to if you want to.

Advantages and Disadvantages

One of the many benefits of using a credit card to fund your poker account is that you don't have to actually have the money available in your bank account.

Taking out credit on a card - often carrying a high APR - is risky, and you should only use credit cards for Internet poker if you know you can pay back the balance in full each month.

But online poker credit cards sites are quick and convenient, and if you are taking a shot at that big buy-in guaranteed tourney online, sometimes some easy credit is the only way to do it.

Living in a Post-UIGEA USA

It is also worth noting that a lot of banks are still uneasy about processing bank payments made via credit card. In this post-UIGEA world, some cards will be declined if the transaction is gambling-related, but slowly companies are installing special codes which cater purely for deposits made to legal gaming websites.

With many states beginning to regulate - like Nevada and New Jersey - American poker players are beginning to find it easier make poker sites credit cards deposits to play cash games and Texas Hold'em tournaments online.

Start Your Legal Credit Card Poker Site Journey

It's true that making card deposits to American real-money poker websites can be tricky, and whether you do it direct at one of the fledgling regulated poker rooms or an existing one, you will find a banking method that is quick and easy.

Online poker credit card deposit times and associated fees vary from card to card, and from poker room to poker room, so it's worth checking the terms and conditions on your chosen sites before you sign up.

If you are considering a credit card to use for cash play on US sites, don’t do anything before checking out our expert reviews at our opinions are second-to-none, and our team will show you how to enjoy poker online legally with a trusty credit card.

Sign up via one of our legit links today and earn a great welcome bonus up to 100 percent! When it comes to poker sites, credit card deposits can't be beat.

Frequently asked questions

Everyone prefers their own method of payment when it comes to using money. Many people use credit cards as a standard way of keeping their money safe and paid off in full. Now you have the option of adding legal USA credit card poker sites to your bank statement if you choose. But how do you know if using a credit card is better than using your other preferred payment method? Reading through our frequently asked user questions will help guide you in picking the best legal credit card site for poker play.

Do credit cards allow online poker payments?

Yes, credit cards allow online poker payments and they make it easy to sign up, offering secure and fast deposits to your account.

Do I need a credit card to play?

To play online poker you have other options besides a credit card. However, to play on a US site, you would need one.

Are they a recommended method of payment?

Yes. Not only are they easy to use, but they’re quick, convenient, and sometimes the best way to pay if you’re entering a big buy tournament online. They’re recommended if you can pay off the balance each month and if your bank isn’t jittery about letting you make withdrawals.

Which credit card is more widely accepted?

Visa is the most widely accepted credit card on the US poker sites we recommend.

Are they generally safe?

Yes, not only are they widely available, they are generally safe to use.

What fees are involved?

Fees vary based on the site, poker room, or bank that you choose. Some fees are known to be fairly low, however, terms and conditions are always worth a read through when picking a site.

How do they compare with debit cards?

Even though many banks are still weary of card transactions online, credit cards are easy to use, safe, and widely available. You make a withdrawal in real time with your debit card, whereas with credit, you don’t need the actual money in your bank account in order to play your poker games. It’s still best to use if you know you can pay off your balance each month; if you can, then credit is a safe way to make a big buy in on tournaments.