It's no surprise that of all the American states, the epicenter of gambling, Nevada, was the first to pass an online poker law.

American residents of NV can, in 2024, enjoy great regulated Internet poker rooms and play for real money wherever they are - as long as they remain within the Silver State's borders. From Las Vegas to Jackpot (yes, that's a city), go ahead and ante up at legal poker sites in Nevada.

Nevada's first legit online poker room appeared in 2013, and three networks currently offer real-money US currency cash games and tournaments on the web; and online poker Nevada players will be happy to know that more will surely appear over the coming years.

As of July 2024, unlike New Jersey - where roulette and blackjack is available online as well - only poker can be played by NV residents on the web. However, we are staking an even-money bet on other gambling games being offered in time.

How Did Nevada Legalize Online Poker?
How Did Nevada Legalize Online Poker?

After the Department of Justice (DoJ) reassessed their interpretation of the outdated Wire Act in 2011 - it enabled many USA states to pursue regulated online gaming laws by themselves and create online poker NV legal sites.

Nevada wasted no time in passing Law AB258 into the statute books, when in 2011 the state's Governor Brian Sandoval gave the green light to legislation allowing residents access to the best poker sites in NV.

The First Signs of Legal NV Poker
The First Signs of Legal NV Poker

Assembly Bill 258 allowed Nevadans to forge ahead with legit online poker regulation without the need for waiting for any federal law to be passed. Another bill, AB294, meanwhile, removed restrictions on Nevada players gambling on their mobile phones.

In 2013, Nevada saw the very first online poker NV legal site in America open its virtual doors. Take-up was slow, but in 2024 traffic across all legal poker NV sites is higher than that at New Jersey rooms.

Are Any More State Gaming Bills Likely?
Nevada - Are Any More State Gaming Bills Likely?

While Nevada's new betting law initially restricted its residents to play poker online within NV borders, the law was later expanded to include Bill AB114, which made it possible for poker companies to form interstate compacts with other regulated areas like Delaware and New Jersey.

In February 2014, Governor Sandoval passed a 'Multi-State Internet Wager Agreement' with Delaware governor, Jack Markell.

The first US gambling online compact, it allows players in both Delaware and Nevada to play against one another at regulated poker rooms on the web. That means legal poker sites in Nevada feature players from Delaware.

With the floodgates open, it's likely that a similar deal will be struck between the two states and New Jersey, the third state to have regulated online poker in 2024. And with early indications that Internet gambling numbers have been disappointing so far in the Garden State, an interstate compact or three will be welcome to players and corporations alike.

What's the Nevada Live Poker Scene Like?
What's the Nevada Live Poker Scene Like?

While gambling meccas like Las Vegas have been traditionally associated with table games such as roulette and blackjack, over the years the poker boom has taken hold in Nevada as well.

Casinos that were generally reluctant to use up valuable gaming space with poker tables are now opening bigger and better cardrooms to cater towards American poker players who have discovered the game online.

Most top casinos in Las Vegas now offer great real-money poker games, with some of the world's biggest cash games being played in cardrooms up and down The Las Vegas Strip.

Las Vegas has been - and still is - the home of the World Series of Poker, which takes place each summer at the Rio Hotel. The $10,000-buy-in Main Event is still the world's most prestigious poker tournament event. Many online poker Nevada players make their way to the world's biggest poker tournament to try their luck live. You can bet that many will continue to come through online poker NV sites well into the future.

The Future of Legal Online Poker Nevada
The Future of Legal Online Poker Nevada

While Governor Sandoval continues discussions with New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on a possible agreement, for now NV residents must make do with playing against other in-state residents, as well as the more modest Delaware player pool.

Player pools are just the beginning, however. Problems with geolocation still persist. To play poker online in Nevada you have to have a mobile phone registered to you so it can be verified that you are residing within the state. Pinpointing your exact location is tricky, and sometimes results in shutting out Internet card game players living on the borders of the state, however. But the geolocation companies have been working hard to make the online poker NV experience as seamless as possible.

Dealing With the UIGEA Hangover
Dealing With the UIGEA Hangover

Meanwhile, there remains something of a hangover from the UIGEA law which prohibited the processing of financial transactions between banks and poker sites in the US. While Nevada is clear in now having regulated sites, some banks are still wary of processing deposits, while some credit card companies maintain their own in-house regs against processing any gambling transactions.

While legit poker in Nevada is currently small - just a handful of sites currently offer regulated poker online - over 2024 we could see as many as five or six networks opening up, all aligned to existing land-based casino operations.


Is Online Poker Legal in Nevada?

Oh yes. The first legal, regulated poker site opened in 2013, and more are surely on the way. American players residing in or visiting NV can enjoy top real-money games wherever they are, as long as they are within state borders.

What Age Do You Have to Be To Gamble In Nevada?

The legal age for gambling in Nevada is 21. The same rules apply when playing online in the state - you will usually have to provide age verification if you want to play for cash on the net. The process for getting verified at legal poker sites in Nevada is pretty easy, so you can be up and running in minutes.

Are There Any Live Casinos in Nevada?

Erm, just one or two. Nevada boasts the biggest and baddest live casinos in the USA. The Las Vegas Strip is home to some of the most lavish and outrageous casinos in the world, and the annual World Series of Poker is held there.

Can I Make Real Cash Poker Deposits In NV?

Many of the regulated poker websites have partnerships with land-based casinos in Las Vegas, and you can make deposits to and withdrawals from your online account at a cage of any partner casino. Bank wires, checks by mail, and major credit cards are also viable methods for depositing at online poker NV legal sites.