Arizona Legal Poker 2024


Arizona enjoys all the benefits of live casinos and poker rooms, but none of the benefits of legal, regulated online poker. As of 2024, there is no law specifically legalizing - or criminalizing - the playing of poker on the web.

There is a booming tribal casino business in Arizona, and this may be a key reason behind the lack of forward thinking regarding online laws.

Of the US-facing sites operating in 2024, all accept real-money bank transactions from Arizona players. While specific online poker laws haven't been introduced, there is nothing to stop players in the Grand Canyon State enjoying the great legit games they love on the web. So, technically, you can play at legal poker sites in Arizona.

Is Online Poker Legal in Arizona?
Is Online Poker Legal in Arizona?

Under S.13-3304, you can't benefit from gambling, except for regulated gambling and social gaming for non-profit. So one might conclude that the law covers online poker Arizona sites.

However, under the same law, online poker is neither legal nor illegal, although neither is it regulated.

Therefore, under a strict interpretation of AZ law, gambling and poker on the net is against the law. As no citizen of the Grand Canyon State has been convicted - or even prosecuted - of playing poker online, that interpretation would be very much subject to debate Online poker AZ legal experts agree that it's cool to play at legal poker sites in Arizona, even those that are regulated outside of the US.

Are Any More Future Gaming Bills Likely?
Arizona - Are Any More Future Gaming Bills Likely?

It's unlikely that Arizona will pass any intrastate poker laws online, as seen in Nevada. At least, as of April 2024, there have been no significant moves to legalize Internet poker.

That's not to say the state's movers and shakers haven't been involved in pushing ahead with a federal solution.

In 2012, then-Arizona congressman Jon Kyl - together with Nevada's Sen. Harry Reid - proposed an online poker bill which would regulate the game across the entire United States. Had it passed, it would have dramatically altered the online poker AZ legal landscape.

The 'Reid/Kyl' bill ultimately failed, but it paved the way for states like New Jersey and Reid's own Nevada to implement regulation within their own states. Interestingly, Kyl was one of the supporters of the original Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) - which has led to online poker being in such a mess in the USA.

What's the Arizona Live Poker Scene Like?
What's the Arizona Live Poker Scene Like?

It's fair to say live poker is pretty healthy in Arizona. 16 tribal casinos in the state offer poker games, while home games (or social gaming) are also permitted. Most games attract people who play at online poker Arizona sites, too.

In accordance with federal Native Indian gaming laws, tribal casinos are legally able to offer a range of real-money table games, plus Texas Hold'em.

Various tribes operate and license casinos within the state, with Harrah's running the Ak-Chin Casino in Maricopa. A 40,000-square-foot casino, the Ak-Chin has its own poker room with daily tournaments and cash games.

And each year, Scottsdale's Talking Stick Casino runs the Arizona Poker Championship across 50 tables; last year's Championship attracted almost 500 players, including many from legal poker sites in Arizona.

The Future of Legal Poker In Arizona
The Future of Legal Poker In Arizona

With a fairly healthy live poker scene, lawmakers are in no hurry to regulate Hold'em et all in Arizona. For now, players in the Grand Canyon State will have to stay content with playing at the dozens of perfectly legit unregulated websites that take US real-money action.


Is Online Poker Legal in Arizona?

Technically, illegal gambling - including poker - is a Class 1 misdemeanor, but nothing has ever been set in stone with regards to online poker, and no one has ever been prosecuted for playing online in AZ. The authorities have bigger fish to fry than those who are simply having fun playing at online poker Arizona websites.

What Age Do You Have to be To Gamble There?

At Arizona's legal land-based casinos and poker rooms, you must be at least 21 years of age. Even if the online poker AZ legal situation changes, you can bet that state-regulated sites will also require players to be 21.

Are There Any Live Casinos in Arizona?

Yes - many of the big casino chains operate tribal casinos, with many having sizeable cardrooms as part of their operations.

Can I Make Deposits In AZ?

While processing payments is tricky at legal poker sites, state residents can still enjoy real-money Texas Hold'em and other games, as long as they find a good banking method that suits them.