Legal Flash Poker Online

Flash Poker Sites

Flash powers the best instant-play poker and gambling games on the net; with its no-download format, you can enjoy real-money games via a web browser in seconds.

And while not all legal sites offer Flash games, if you can sign up with a no-download site using Flash, you can play with real money with just a simple username and password.

The best Flash poker games have great graphics, slick gameplay, and they work quickly via a browser like Safari, Firefox or IE. The only job you'll have it picking the best rooms.

Why you should try legal Flash poker sites:

  • You can play instantly via your web browser
  • Ante up on the go, anywhere
  • Save space on your hard drive
Flash and Online Games

Adobe launched their original Flash software in the mid-1990s. Players can play Flash games on the web via a simple download tool, the Adobe Flash Player.

And while Flash has become synonymous with other gambling games online like slots and roulette, there are plenty of poker sites that now use the great multimedia software.

The newest Adobe Flash allows gambling manufacturers to make 3D games powered by the slickest DirectX and OpenGL graphics.

While those names may have you scratching your head, what they mean is that you can play slick poker games without any lag, right from your browser.

Playing With Flash

The latest incarnation of Flash (April 2015) works on Windows or Mac OS, and as long as you have Internet Explorer 8.0 or later, Google Chrome or Firefox 17, you can use the player.

Make sure your computer can handle the player first. Computers with 512MB of RAM are normally required, and you'll need around 128MB of graphics memory.

Once you've downloaded the player you'll be able to access some of the great instant-play games that some of the poker sites offer. You can even play via your mobile phone as long as it supports Flash.

Why Sites Use Flash
Flash - Why use flash
  • It makes games more attractive
  • It can attract more customers, and more fish!
  • It runs on any browser

Adobe Flash has become incredibly popular for web developers and game designers due to its flexibility and ease of use.

Flash poker games work on virtually any browser, as well as most mobile phones like iPhones and Android. That means that Flash-powered poker sites will attract hundreds more real-money players than the competitors.

And because it's an easy-to-use, inexpensive multimedia platform, Flash is the choice of poker site developers. Plus, it makes sites and games look pretty damn attractive. Anyone who's watched Flash animation and digital content will confirm that.

Benefits of Flash Games

The beauty of Flash poker sites is that they let you log in at the poker room homepage without having to download any special clients to your hard drive.

Download clients can be cumbersome, fill up space, and often get picked up by anti-virus software installed on your machine.

What's better, Flash poker means you can log in and play poker wherever you are. If you're travelling and using friends' or public PCs, you just need a username to get access to your account.

Safety and Security
Flash - securety

While it's a good idea to wipe any Cookies from your machine when you log in and play Flash games via a web browser, Flash still contains top security of its own.

Flash has built-in security and privacy features so that data and players' privacy are protected. That's great to know so that you can be sure your real-money games can't be hacked and compromised.

And even when logging in and depositing via a browser, the site's own SSL security protocols ensure that bank transactions are protected every time you load up.

Play On Your Mobile Phone

Where Flash games come into their own is when playing on a mobile phone. When you can't access a special download app on your Android or Windows phone, instant-play Flash games sometimes will work.

And if you're using an Apple iOS phone, which typically doesn't allow Flash, you can normally install an app that bypasses that problem.

Finding Top Flash Poker Sites

Flash games are great for players who don't want to clog up their hard drive with clients or are happier to play instantly on the move via a tablet or public computer.

With better animation and graphics than ever, there's no reason to fear an Adobe Flash-powered game, either.

So, whether it's a Texas Hold'em cash game or a 5-hour MTT played via a web browser, it's time to get involved and crush some online poker with a Flash game.