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So you’re ready to play poker online for real cash, but don’t know where to begin? Well, hopefully after reading over our reviews of the top USA poker casinos you’ll have an idea of which operator you want to play at. If not, don’t worry. For now, you can read more about payment methods which are available to US citizens. You may have heard the online poker community abuzz about UseMyFunds and for good reasons. This deposit method is easy, user friendly and one of the most secure on the web.

Find out how UseMyFunds can be beneficial for real money poker games online. Even if you already have a preferred deposit method, it’s not a bad idea to have a backup or secondary option.

UseMyFunds is ideal because:

  • It’s a free, no strings attached deposit method for gambling
  • Backed by a leading financial company
  • Implements the strictest security protocols
  • Is USA friendly
How Does UseMyFunds Work at Online Poker Sites

Seriously, when you take advantage of UseMyFunds, you will quickly realize how easy this payment method is. With UseMyFunds, you are able to use your existing online banking service to add real cash to your casino bankroll.

This is done in just a few steps. First, you will find your choice online poker site to play at. Be sure to review the casino bonuses available at the time, especially if you want to take advantage of one, because you will likely need to deposit a minimum amount of real cash. From there, visit the casino cashier and click on UseMyFunds. You will be directed to another page and will have to select your bank.

After, you will be asked to sign into your online bank account and follow through with the transfer. All this can be done in a few minutes. Rather than waiting around for the transfer to clear, you will see the deposit in your poker account bankroll instantly.

What are the Primary Advantages of the UseMyFunds Service?

UseMyFunds has some impressive advantages. The most obvious is the speed of the transaction, which is instant. However underneath the visible impressions is what really makes this service a top payment option for online poker sites.

When you use the UseMyFunds service, you will not have to provide any financial details to the payment provider or the casino. That’s right, no one but you and your own bank will see your banking details. UseMyFunds is more or less a buffer, rather than a third party between your bank and the casino. This means, there is absolutely no possibility of your sensitive information being lost or stolen.

Fees can make or break a persons’ preferred gambling payment method. Just when you think you’ve found an incredible option, you’re hit with a hefty fee which can take away from your poker playing experience. With UseMyFunds, there are no fees for a deposit method from either the casino or the payment method. However, your bank could charge a small fee. In that case, it’s up to you to find out whether or not this holds true.

Withdrawing Poker Winnings with UseMyFunds

You will have the option to withdrawal your real cash winnings from your online poker account to your bank account. However, this is not available for all countries or banks. If this is an option, you will have to download a single page form from the UseMyFunds website. This will ask you to authorize PAD transactions which mean you are giving permission the casino to transfer money to your account.

Safety and Security Measures Implemented by UseMyFunds

UseMyFunds is owned and operated by UseMyServices. This is a company which has been excelling in financial transactions for over 30 years and strives to maintain their highly acclaimed integrity in the industry as a whole. That said, the security and safety measures are vast and include the latest technological breakthroughs for the web and encryption protocols. It is safe to say the UseMyFunds is on par with the actual security measures implemented by banking institutions.

UseMyFunds in for US Citizens

As of 2015, UseMyFunds is available for US Citizens. However, if you’re in the US and want to use the UseMyFunds service for online poker, you will have to have a bank account at specific banks, such as Chase.

Finding the Leading UseMyFunds Poker Websites

If you’re playing online legal poker in the USA and ready to try out UseMyFunds to make a real money deposit in dollars, take a look at our top recommendations for the best operators. If you think UseMyFunds is not right for you, or you do not have a bank account at the qualifying institutions, be sure to review our other payment options for US poker players.


Who are UseMyFunds?

UseMyFunds is part of UseMyServices Inc, a Canadian founded payment processing company for the web age. Based in Toronto, UseMyFunds, then UseMyBank, formed in 2002, in order to provide streamlined and safe payment methods on the internet, which they recognized was about to boom globally and many people would be looking for alternatives to using their bank cards online. This makes it an ideal service for online grinders.

How does it work?

UseMyFunds couldn’t be simpler to use. It bypasses your bank card or credit card completely and takes your payment directly from your account for which all you need to provide is an email address when you register on the homepage. That's pretty easy and, what's more, by eliminating the requirement to input any sensitive banking data, you have the added luxury of knowing your all-important credentials are one hundred percent safe online.

Do they allow transactions at poker sites?

Of course! We would hardly be having this discussion if they didn't. Actually, many sites reward players for making their financial transactions through UseMyFunds as it adds another level of security for them and anonymity for you, so go ahead.

How do I create an account?

Creating an account is both easy and quick. All you need to do is navigate yourself over to the UseMyServices website and, on the homepage, click on register an account. This costs absolutely nothing and once you have confirmed all your details, you'll be good to go. Then, when you're ready for a poker session, all you need is your UseMyFunds details and nothing else.

Is it a safe method?

UseMyFunds is totally safe, yes. Think about it, at no stage are you asked to enter your bank account details, so no numbers, account or cards, are ever given over to the online poker room you have chosen to play at. This means that there is no way that this data has been left vulnerable to potential fraud, however unlikely that might be. So relax, and enjoy the best poker the web has to offer, all the while knowing that you are completely protected.

How are winnings paid?

Pay-outs go straight into your bank account. In fact, all payments, in and out, transfer within minutes. However, any real money will take a couple of days to clear, but that really is standard and certainly no longer to any alternative e-payment systems.

How does it compare to the alternatives?

Actually, UseMyFunds compares favourably to many of its rivals. Similarly to Ukash, it allows players to top up directly from their banking, saving or checking account without ever asking for any card numbers. You don’t top up beforehand like with some methods and you don’t input your card details ever, as you might with alternative services. You simply hit the "pay with UseMyFunds" option and wait for a funds arrival notification. If you are one of the many whose card issuer won't allow for online poker deposits, this a particularly handy feature.