Virginia Legal Poker 2024


Thinking about anteing up to play some online poker? Virginia is one of 11 states in the US which doesn't have any legal Indian casinos - or any casino at all, for that matter.Play live poker is hard, but going all in at online poker VA sites is easier than you think. More on that in a second.

Gambling on games of chance is illegal in Virginia, but for poker players, the picture is a little fuzzier.

The presence of land-based casinos is seen as perhaps the essential precursor to future online legislation. Thus, without any brick-and-mortar properties, we may not see Internet gaming laws pass in VA any time soon.

Despite no concrete moves being made toward legal poker sites in Virginia, that doesn't mean Americans living in the Old Dominion State can't enjoy real-money games online. There are plenty of legal poker sites in Virginia to choose from. Read on for the whole story.

Is Online Poker Legal in Virginia?

There is no law specifically outlawing online poker Virginia rooms, but gambling (or games of chance) in general is illegal under the Virginia Code. That means there are no major casino chains or legit poker rooms offering widespread live gaming either.

Are Any More Bills Likely?
Virginia - Are Any More Bills Likely?

Portsmouth's Democratic Senator Louise Lucas is behind a proposed bill which would legalize casinos in Virginia, which could ultimately lead to online poker Virginia sites popping up.

Lucas's attempts to introduce Bill SB 19 - seen as a long-shot to legislation - have now been put on ice until 2015.

Plenty of Republican opposition remains to any pro-gambling bills, and even if Lucas is taking a sabbatical on plans, there's nothing to suggest the House of Delegates will be any more sympathetic when 2015 comes around.

What's the Live Poker Scene Like?
Virginia - What's the Live Poker Scene Like?

There are no legal poker rooms in Virginia, and no legit tribal casinos to cater to poker players under federal protection. It's way easier to find legal poker sites in Virginia than it is to find live Hold'em games.

That's not to say there isn't a healthy live scene, however. Home games are legal under Virginia Code S.18.2-334, and some poker rooms operated in the state until very recently.

But when a high-profile case in Portsmouth was brought to the Virginia Supreme Court on whether poker contravened with the illegal gambling laws, the Court decided not to rule.

While not resolving whether poker was a game of skill or chance, there is a hint of light for poker players seeking to get the game legalized in Virginia, but for now poker stays buried in a huge gray area.

The Future of Legal Poker In Virginia
Virginia - The Future of Legal Poker In Virginia

Virginia's (very) vague laws on poker mean players in the state will continue to play online without fear of being prosecuted. Sure, you won't find legal poker sites in Virginia that are operated out of the state, but you can play at online poker VA legal sites that are regulated internationally.

That's not to say the VA lawmakers are likely to regulate any time soon: gambling remains illegal across the whole state - at least on a big scale - and any pro-poker legislation probably rests either on a federal law or land-based casinos being introduced.

With over 8 million residents and a budget deficit, the state could provide both a decent player pool and valuable tax dollars if gaming online were to be legalized.


Can I Play Online Poker Legally in Virginia?

There is currently no law in the statute books banning outright gambling on the net. But Americans wanting to play for real-money in VA should still be sure of payment processing issues surrounding US online play.

Are There Any Live Casinos in Virginia?

No. Live casinos are outlawed in Virginia. However, technically, poker and gaming is allowed at home as long as it is not for business purposes. (Virginia Code Section 18.2-334.) And since internet Hold'em takes place at home, many online poker Virginia legal experts argue that the code makes online gaming perfectly fine.

Can I Make Real Cash Deposits?

As online poker is not specifically banned in Virginia, there is nothing to stop US players in the state making real-money deposits at Internet poker rooms. Payment processing issues remain across the USA in 2024, however, and you may have to try several methods before hitting a successful payment option.

But don't sweat it. As long as you play at online poker VA legal sites that are licensed in major gambling jurisdictions, you should be good to go.