Top US Western Union Poker Sites

Legal Western Union Poker

Looking to get cash onto poker sites? Western Union is one of the most popular real-cash deposit methods for US web poker players in 2024.

WU is a money transfer service that lets you send money via a registered WU agent to your favorite online poker sites. Some processing fees are involved, and cashout times can vary, but if you find the right sites on the web you can get playing - and crushing - far more quickly.

Are you looking for some top online poker Western Union rooms on the net that allow legal WU transfers from players like you in the USA? That's where we at come in - we find the best gaming websites around:

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What is Western Union?

Essentially, Western Union acts like a peer-to-peer transfer service made through any one of thousands of retail outlets around the United States: stores, kiosks, supermarkets, and other locations.

WU is quick and easy, and used correctly can even save you a bunch of online processing fees related to poker sites Western Union deposits. In 2024, it's a great way of loading up your poker account with minimal fuss and avoiding the prying eyes of your bank.

Making a real-currency deposit to your Internet gambling room is easy: just find a WU outlet near you, grab hold of some photo ID and personal details (not forgetting your poker room's required transfer address, of course) and go in person to your WU agent.

How To Use Western Union for Online Poker

You will first need to find an online poker Western Union outlet near you. Make sure you have the proper information needed to make the transfer before you leave the house. (All poker sites accepting Western Union will provide you with the site's company address in order for you to make the transfer.)

Take this information to the WU outlet, fill in some details and write down your bank details, and you can process the real-money transfer.

There's no need to watch the accounts of your favorite poker sites. Western Union deposits happen quickly and you will see the currency in your poker account by the time you get home. You may - in some circumstances - need to enter in a MCTN (Money Transfer Control Number) confirmation code as part of the verification process online, but this may not be necessary depending on the site.

Advantages & Disadvantages of WU

The processing fees involved in using Western Union are probably its biggest downside.

There is a flat fee involved for making real cash WU deposits, so it pays to make large real-currency deposits where possible.

Also, you have to physically make the trip out to your local WU outlet to hand over cash at the till. If you live miles from a registered WU provider, this can be an annoyance.

Finally, while online poker Western Union deposits are accepted at many legit US poker rooms on the net, some of the new regulated sites that have appeared in New Jersey and Nevada won't accept WU as of April 2024.

Western Union Cashout Times and Fees

Before you choose to deposit at your favorite poker sites, Western Union payments aren't consistent in terms of fees. It is worth noting that gaming websites in America vary widely in the fees they charge when making cashouts to your account.

Some US rooms charge about $60 up to $300 but another room may charge just $50 for Western Union transfers up to $500. Some sites will waive first-time WU fees, however, so make sure you check our top ratings at to see who rates the best.

While deposits are relatively quick to poker sites, Western Unioncashout times for making Western Union betting transfers can vary, but anything from 2 to 7 days is not uncommon.

Find the Best US Sites for Western Union

Money transfers like Western Union provide American players wanting to play legally online with a great deposit method.

Online poker Western Union payments are fast and easy-to-use, and it's doing so is relatively anonymous. And once you have access to your funds, you can enjoy dozens of great websites with tons of tournaments, big cash games and qualifiers.

Take advantage now and follow our expert guide at to finding the best WU sites on the net. We compare dozens of rooms online, and if they don't pass our rigorous test procedures, they don't get in. Choose a room today and earn a good welcome bonus when you join. Make that WU transfer work for you in 2024!

Frequently asked questions

When you want your funds available to play at your favorite legal poker sites, you need a method that is hassle free. Luckily, with Western Union money service options, you are open to a world of quick, safe, and easy opportunities. Maybe you’re weary of using this service because you don’t know much about how it works. Luckily, we have answered some of your common questions so you can choose the quickest route for your money to get into the game room.

Who are Western Union?

Western Union is best known as a money service that transfers or sends money. Based in North America, they were founded in 1851.

How does it work?

The way it works is your money is transferred through any number of retail outlets such as stores, kiosks, and supermarkets around the US. Your money is transferred from that agent at the outlet to your favorite online poker site.

Which poker sites accept Western Union?

Full Flush Poker, BET Online Poker, Americas Cardroom,, and Poker all accept Western Union.

Is it a safe payment option?

Yes it is a safe payment option because you are dealing with a direct agent at your nearest Western Union retail outlet; therefore, the transfer is quick, safe, and easy.

Can they be trusted?

Yes,All our recommended sites are trustworthy and independently audited.

How do I transfer my winnings?

To transfer your winnings you need to bring a few things to your nearest Western Union outlet. You need the poker room transfer address, the WU company address, and your photo ID. With your WU agent, you fill out your personal and bank details, and then the money is in your account by the time you make it home. Direct, quick, and easy.

What fees are involved?

The fees vary widely. There is a flat fee for making real cash deposits, which is why it is best to make large real currency deposits when feasible. Some rooms in the US charge $60 up to as high as $300. Other rooms could charge only $50 for transfers up to $500 or they could wave first time fees altogether. It’s best to always check the fees beforehand and do your research to know which rooms offer the best rates.