New Jersey

New Jersey

In 2024, residents of New Jersey can enjoy great real-money poker legally online. Yes, legal poker sites in New Jersey are thriving and you've got lots of choice in where to stack your chips.

Together with Delaware and Nevada, New Jersey has been one of the pioneers of newly regulated online poker in the USA, and as such, boasts some of the top legit sites around.

The first legal poker rooms online appeared in the Garden State in the Fall of 2013, and with many of the world's biggest operators on board, Texas Hold'em and Omaha players can find the best poker sites in New Jersey to play in 2024.

Is Online Poker Legal in New Jersey?
Is Online Poker Legal in New Jersey?

After the Black Friday raids of 2011, when the Department of Justice (DoJ) raided US poker sites that had been illegally accepting and processing US payments, the position of the DoJ relaxed in regards to online poker.

With the risk of prosecution reduced, it paved the way for many federal bills legalizing online poker to be proposed. New Jersey worked hard to create an online poker NJ legal landscape that would quickly become the envy of America.

While no federal mandates have so far succeeded, as of June 2024, individual states have forged ahead with laws of their own - and New Jersey is at the forefront of that movement. In 2024, playing online poker for real US currency in NJ is totally, 100 percent legal.

What Laws Were Passed In NJ?
What Laws Were Passed In NJ?

In 2013, Governor Chris Christie passed New Jersey Assembly Bill A2578 which allowed legal Internet gaming in the state, although lawmakers had already begun looking at possible legislation as early as 2010.

Back in January that year, State Senator Ray Lesniak - perhaps the pioneer of regulated online gaming in the Garden State - introduced Bill S3167 to allow Atlantic City casinos to offer their own real-money poker and table games on the net. . Unlike other states that would only allow regulated online poker New Jersey welcomed casino games too.

After several amendments and a softening of Gov. Christie's position, A2578 made it through in the Fall of 2013. Despite various changes, the bill maintained its central aim - to not only allow legal poker online, but let NJ residents enjoy table games like blackjack and roulette on the net as well.

What Kinds of Poker Sites Are Legit in New Jersey?
What Kinds of Poker Sites Are Legit in New Jersey?

With A2578 on the books, it opened the doors for the first regulated poker sites to be launched, and in November 2013 the first ones appeared online for US players in the Garden State. Within a month of legal poker in New Jersey, it's estimated that over 100,000 player accounts were opened. That's terrific news for online poker NJ players who crave lots of poker action at all hours of the day.

One condition of the law surrounding legal gaming in NJ is that on-line operators must be aligned with existing land-based casino partners in Atlantic City.

Therefore, since Gov. Christie signed Bill A2578, many of the world's biggest poker operators - especially those who withdrew from the US market after UIGEA came into force - have teamed up with big Atlantic City operators like the Borgata, Trump and Caesars. Over a dozen websites now offer real-money gaming online within the state's borders.

Interestingly, some big global poker rooms who continued to accept USA players after UIGEA were denied licenses to operate there, and as of June 2024, that situation still persists.

But some reports suggest that if New Jersey is to become a really good place to play poker online, rather than just a good one, it will need to welcome in sites that were indicted under the Black Friday raids. But even without them, legal poker sites in New Jersey continue to do well and satisfy players.

Are Any More Bills Likely?
New Jersey - Are Any More Bills Likely?

While A2578 was tweaked countless times to ensure taxes were higher for online casinos and poker room operations in New Jersey, the biggest step in 2024 is likely to be closer ties being forged with other regulated states.

Governor Chris Christie is in talks with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval about making legal poker sites in New Jersey even more attractive. He'll do this by creating multi-state agreements on interstate online gaming, and that should be the first major advance in legal online poker in NJ. It would allow the two states to share player pools and provide much better games and prizes for American online poker players.

The Future of Legal Poker In New Jersey
The Future of Legal Poker In New Jersey

Arguably, even the state's substantial population isn't enough to warrant intrastate-only poker sites to thrive, and that is why new interstate deals with Nevada and Delaware - plus any other states that choose to legalize in 2024 - are almost certain to kick in.

Geolocation and declined payments are proving to be a problem for NJ gamblers too. Geolocation allows online players to prove their location within state borders via their mobile phone, but some poker players living on the state's borders are being denied real-money poker as a result.

And the aftershock of UIGEA is still being felt in the Garden State. Even though gambling online is now legal, some banks and credit card companies are still declining US payments made to poker rooms. That's made it tough to process some online poker NJ deposits, though banks are working to correct the problem.

Over time, both these issues will surely be sorted out, and New Jersey can prove to other states considering online poker legislation in the USA that it works.


Is Online Poker Legal in New Jersey?

Absolutely. Since 2013, Garden State residents have been able to enjoy great gaming and poker online for real money. There are over 10 sites offering tournaments and cash games in 2024.

What Age Do You Have to be To Gamble In New Jersey?

Residents and visitors must be 21 or over and provide ID at cages in land-based casinos that have buddy deals with online poker rooms in the Garden State. There are compulsory age confirmation checks at all regulated NJ poker sites.

Are There Any Live Casinos in New Jersey?

Atlantic City is like the Las Vegas of the East in its live casino operations. With a eight casino resorts from the biggest gambling chains in the world, New Jersey makes sense as the second home of legal online poker sites. Recently the WPT moved its yearly World Championship from Las Vegas to the Borgata Casino in Atlantic City, and with the introduction of online poker NJ legal sites, New Jersey is set to benefit across the board.

Can I Make Deposits In New Jersey?

Yes - poker players can either use certain credit and debit cards, e-checks, wire transfers, or deposit in person at a land-based casino who has a deal with a US-facing online poker room. NJ players can make withdrawals via ACH bank transfers or by mail check, or by visiting a cashier cage at a valid state land-based casino.