Easiest Online Poker Sites 2024

US Online Easiest Poker Rooms

Who wants to play poker online in the US against really tough players? No one, that's who.

We're like you - we want to come up against the bad poker players on the web; the ones who are so terrible they don't know their pot odds from their +EV, their pocket rockets from their marginal calls, or their 5-bet re-shoves from their tight folds.

Hunting out the best legal online easiest poker rooms is essential for a happy Internet poker life. And our great LegalPoker.com guide features the very best the net can offer.

  • Find top rooms online with weak players
  • Lots of low-stakes games full of novices and fish
  • Activate the best 100 percent welcome bonuses
Why Choose Legal US Fishiest Poker Sites?

No one wants the effort of losing to talented online Texas Hold'em players - Americans want to get on the web and crush the easy games so they can cash out those Benjamins in no time.

Online poker is all about finding an edge, and there's no better edge than heading for the legal US fishiest poker sites that feature weak players.

So, how do you know if your chosen Texas Hold'em sites are legal poker US rooms with the most fish?

Well, look for the telltale signs: a website may be new to US customers and tempting newbies with attractive freerolls and generous welcome bonuses, or they might be poker sites attached to online sportsbooks where traditional betting fans are trying out poker legally for the first time.

Are US Online Sites Fishier?

Since UIGEA killed much of the US poker online scene, Americans have slowly been coming back to poker on the web to play at legal American easy poker sites.

And with new regulation in place in states like Nevada and New Jersey, that means some of the legal US fishiest poker sites are also the newest ones and attract a whole new generation of players testing out the world of Internet poker for the first time.

Many USA easiest poker room site players have come from years of working play-money games, and they often bring the same attitude to the tables: that means reckless gambling, an ignorance of hand selection and odds, and failing to understand when to let a hand go.

There are bad poker players in every country, and American poker fans online are not necessarily worse than any other nation, but many of the legal poker fishiest sites we recommend here at LegalPoker.com do boast relatively easy games.

What Makes a US Legal Room Fishy?

It's hard to know just how badly legal easy poker sites' USA gamblers play, so that's why it's great to read our leading reviews at LegalPoker.com: we've tested dozens of the fishiest online poker sites that are USA legal to pick the ones with great prizepools, weak players, top software and a sweet range of games.

A lot of legit poker US websites with the most fish will have big names and will have invested in lots of advertising to lure in the casual gaming players.

There may be lots of big guaranteed prize freerolls packed with thousands of runners, low-stakes Sit 'n' Gos that fill up 24/7, or an over-abundance of micro-stakes cash games; all of these factors can make the legal poker fishiest sites great to play at.

We Hunt Out The Best Legal Easiest Poker Rooms Online

If you're looking for top legal American easy poker sites in 2024, you've come to the right place. At LegalPoker.com, our gang of Texas Hold'em aficionados are bent on one mission: to find bad poker players and punish them at the real money games online.

Whatever card game is your favorite, sticking to legal poker fishiest sites is essential to win more in the long-term and improve your ROI.

Our great reviews of legal poker US sites with the most fish are packed with comparisons and top recommended links. Pick one today and earn an exclusive deposit bonus when you first join.

What Defines a Fish?

"Fish" are essentially weak online poker players - but that is a rather simplistic description.

Fish make bad moves in a card game, often don't recognize that they are making them, and worse (or, should we say, better for you!), have no interest in improving their game.

A fish will pretty much do everything you are NOT supposed to do in an online poker game: play a wide range of starting hands (usually out of boredom at having to fold their marginal hands), and play them out of position.

They are also addicted to chasing those mathematically unlikely one-outers, hopeful draws, and just love to suck out on opponents.

But fish aren't just aggressive: they may also be "passive" players who will check-call all the way to the river before folding to a river bet, in the process gradually whittling their stacks away.

Fish are everywhere on the web and it is your solemn duty to be the shark: hunt them down at legal easy poker sites USA players can access and prepare for the kill.

Frequently asked questions

You might be asking yourself why you can’t win more in the competitive world of poker. Maybe you need to be aware of the easiest legal online poker sites. If you want the top rooms, with novice players, low stakes, and top bonuses, then take action and join the easiest poker sites available. Find out what makes a poker site officially “easy” and the best way to join these sites by following our list of answers to popular questions. You’ll be winning in no time.

What makes a poker site 'easy'?

A poker site is deemed easy when the rooms are filled with weak players. There are a variety of low-stakes games which are loaded with novices and weak players, known as fish. An easy poker site typically attracts newbies based on the over-abundance of micro-stakes cash games available and the low-stakes Sit ‘n’ Go’s that fill up around the clock.

Which is the easiest poker site?

The easiest poker site reviewed for novice players is Full Flush Poker. They provide the fishiest games with a variety of low-stake options and plenty of new players to prey upon.

Are certain poker games easier?

Yes. There are a range of games that are at lower levels such as micro-stakes cash games, small stakes, and even medium stakes. These are easier than high roller games which are usually saturated by experienced professional players.

Are the winnings usually smaller?

Yes, the winnings are usually smaller because you’re playing micro-stakes cash games as opposed to high roller competition.

Should beginner players start here?

Yes, beginners would be well off to start here because most of them come from working play-money games. These sites are great practice for winning more in the long run due to the variety of micro and low-stake options.

What amount should I play with?

A beginner should start with the play-money games in order to gain experience with players and gain strategy knowledge. If you’re interested in micro-stakes games, then starting with low amounts such as $20 or $30 would be a smart idea for you to build up your bankroll slowly per game.